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Name:Somarium: A World of Dreams
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You wake up and find yourself in a strange place. Perhaps an empty field, a strange building, the middle of the street, a large fountain with a bunny statue on it, or even a lake. Wherever it is, it certainly is not where you last fell asleep. You even got a welcoming gift. It looks like a cellphone. More specifically, it's a Dreamberry that works not only as a phone, but you can also view other people's dreams with them.

Welcome to Somarium, a strange city that is part of an even stranger world called Hypnosia. Some consider it a “dream world” of sorts, but that’s mostly due to how dreams and dream energy play a major role in the everyday life. A real world in another universe or world set in the realm of dreams—the debate continues among those who were plucked from their own worlds and are now living within it.

But that’s just a very tiny issue against a greater problem. It’s been five years since people from other worlds first arrived, and while one threat has been vanquished, another one rises. The city has reverted to how it was originally found five years ago: empty and ruined. It was as if the bustling life had been an in illusion. The concept of dreamwalking—an ability to walk through dreams—may no longer just be a passing fancy and may become a method to survive, rebuild, and fight back the nightmares creeping in.

Fortunately, dreams hold a power of their own. A power strong enough to even rebuild cities to their former glory. Just don’t forget—

Nightmares are dreams, too.

open since July 31, 2008 on LJ
open since January 25, 2012 on DW
closed July 23, 2014
Somarium Dreamnet Somarium OOC Somapedia Mod Journal Spamarium Somarium is a multifandom RP based on the concept of dreams. Characters from all mediums are welcome, but no AU's or original characters. Applications are open during the first week of every month. Reservations always open. Please refer to the links on the side for more information!
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